How To Kill The Peace Process

Al Jazeera and the Guardian have published what they claim to be secret papers detailing the negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians in past years. The juciy details about how much each side was willing to give up make up the bulk of the new information.

Whether the papers are authentic does not really matter at this point. The release of this kind of information will have one major effect – it will kill whatever peace negotiations would have been going on.

The PA will be embarrassed, and will have to publicly take on a harsher stance on Israel. Looking moderate, especially in relation to Hamas, is good for public relations in most of the world – but it is deadly for their relations with their own people.

Someone somewhere probably thinks that this is another way to embarrass the Israelis, especially Netanyahu. What it really does is give the Israelis an out – because now noone on the Arab side will be able to come to the negotiating table with any realistic proposals.

More time for us to build. Now we just need the building permits….


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