Mortar Shells Fired Into the South

UPDATE: Kassam rocket lands near kindergarden this morning. A 14 year old girl in a house nearby hurt by flying glass.

*sigh*. Just a few days ago I wrote that when the news revolved around the weather it was a good sign that things were quiet in Israel. I should have kept my mouth blog shut.

Our neighbors to the south have started firing mortar shells over the border again – into the Negev. Thankfully noone was hurt. This past weekend Makor Rishon had an article about the stirrings of Hamas in Gaza. It seems that they need to show some sort of “progress” once in a while, in order to calm the public. “Progress” to them, is some sort of successful attack against Israel. (I wonder what would happen if they redefined progress as actually building something in Gaza…..)

The IDF is preparing for the next operation in Gaza, and they have said publicly that it is not a matter of “if” an operation will happen, it is a question of “when.” They also say that the next time the operation will be bigger.


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