The Great Latke vs. Hamentash Debate

It is pretty amazing what you can turn up with a google search. As I was looking for something more to write about latkes, I came across this link. It turns out that there is a debate held every year in various American academic settings on various aspects of the latke versus the hamentashen.

Started in 1946 at the University of Chicago Hillel House, it was a way for academics to take pride in their Jewish ethnicity and a way to inject some humor into the stuffy atmosphere of the time. It must have hit a nerve, since the debate has continued until this day….on many campuses. How about a taste?

MIT, 2007. Johns Hopkins, 2006.

I still think that one of the reasons that the Jewish people have survived for so long (in addition to G-d’s help, of course) is our sense of humor.


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