This Stuff Is Priceless!

A lot will be written about the Wikileaks release of thousands of classified materials. Whatever you think about the issue, though, there is one group of people who are thrilled.

I’m talking about the comedy writers. They must feel like a kid with literally thousands of birthday presents – what do I rip open first?

Our local comedy team, Latma, for instance, won’t have a hard time putting together a skit about Obama’s disastrous meeting with the Saudi king a few years ago, now that we know what really happened there, and how clueless Obama was.

I can just see it – Obama trying to reassure the king that all is well, he is going to make sure that westbankmama doesn’t add on an extension to her house, and the Saudi king foaming at the mouth in frustration, because the President of the United States doesn’t get it that he needs to bomb the crap out of Iran. (“Don’t these stupid Americans KNOW they’re not supposed to really believe we care about the Palestinians….”)

And this is just a taste…


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  1. Name: Mark
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 09:52:26

    Shit, for what The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (“Insha’Allah some day the Three Holy Mosques”) is paying for one floor at Columbia Presbyterian he could the entire Kings County Hospital and all the homes is a one mile radius around that facility.

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