Whether You Love Her or Hate Her…

Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit that Sarah Palin knows how to fight back. I’d love to see her in the White House, although many are now saying that she doesn’t have a chance. The prevailing logic is that because of the relentless media bashing, too many people think she is dumb, and the independent voters will never go for her.

Personally I see their point – although there is a lot of time between now and the next election. If independent voters have to decide between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, I think Sarah has a much better chance than it looks now. Especially if she fights back the way she is known to do. In any case she has my vote….


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  1. Batya
    Nov 27, 2010 @ 21:51:21

    One never knows…
    I doubt if she’d let the Republican bosses boss her around again.

  2. ladolcevitamin
    Nov 27, 2010 @ 23:05:58

    she IS dumb!
    and you can “see their point,” meaning that she is super dumb, but you would vote for anyway?!
    my head is exploding with nonsense.

  3. Jack
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 09:48:56

    She is a dangerous ideologue who is frighteningly ignorant about many issues. She is slowly learning to listen to her spin doctors so that will help her a little, but hopefully not enough to fool more people. Ignore her education or lack thereof and you have a woman who has virtually no experience and quit when the going got tough.

    Really, she is no better for Israel than she is for the U.S. But unless things change she is unlikely to get the nomination so I don’t worry about it.

  4. Independent Patriot/Elise
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 14:45:28

    What they can’t stand about Sarah Palin is that she has a vagina and doesn’t do what they tell her (she thumbed her nose at both the Republican establishment and the liberal left-wing media). At least she knows how to run a state and turn herself into a national sensation and multimillionaire.We could use someone with some know how in the Oval Office.

    If you want to look for real stupidity look no further than Biden and Harry Reid and yes great leader Obama. Somehow they get by with a pass including not knowing that there are 50 not 57 states in the Union.Read Palin’s answer to the media about her Korea gaff where she lists all the gaffs Obama has made that he was given a pass for. She also includes the jibe that she didn’t go after Biden because there were just too many to write about.

    As far as the 2012 elections is concerned, it all has to do with the economy. If the economy improves Obama will get reelected. If unemployment remains high and we have the inflation everyone is predicting then he won’t. At that point it won’t matter who the Republicans run, anyone will beat a democrat.

  5. westbankmama
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 07:24:37

    Batya – she certainly doesn’t try to fit in with the powers-that-be.

    ladol – sorry to explode your head. I meant that noone should underestimate the power of media sliming. She is going to need to work three times as hard to reach undecideds and present her views.

    Jack – why do you think she is “dangerous”?

    Independent – I agree with you about the economy. If it doesn’t improve people are going to want someone else in the Oval office.

  6. Ronnie
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 16:43:18

    It is sad to see how many of you fall for the Lame Stream Media Bias. Sarah Palin is one of the best things that ever happen to this country. In 2008 she was the only one running for office that had a top secret clearance as governor and Commanding Officier of the troops in AK. She could see Russia from her house and she read just about every newspaper and worth while book in sight. Read the truth about Sarah Palin and not a bunch of liberal lies. It is your responsibility to search out the truth by doing your own research. Sarah Palin was one of the number one protectors of this country in AK and look at the thanks we have given her. Shame on us. I pray she does run for President because she will stand up for this country and she will fight for this country. She already has a proven record if you bother to check it out.

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