Maybe It’s Connected?

We are almost at the end of the month of November – and according to the Hebrew date Chanukah is next week – but we haven’t had any rain here in Israel yet. The farmers are beginning to despair, and even people who do not depend on water for their livelihood feel the lack.

Orthodox Jews (and even the secular ones, here in Israel) know that rainfall is dependent on G-d’s will. All of the technical tricks don’t really work – and we can do very little except pray and look to the sky anxiously.

I can’t help but feel that G-d is angry at us.

Looking at some of the headlines – I don’t have to wonder why. Faking ID cards in order to cheat the government and sexual abuse by members of the police department are just two examples.

On the other hand I know of many truly righteous people – right in my own backyard. I guess we just need to pray a bit harder….


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  1. Shimshonit
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 10:46:30

    At the demonstration outside the PM’s office yesterday, one speaker said it’s because Israel is caving in to pressure from the Americans instead of minding its own business (i.e. building). I’m just relieved the Israelis haven’t been accused of withholding rain as part of its “siege” of Gaza, and condemned in the UN for it.

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