The Great Latke vs. Hamentash Debate

It is pretty amazing what you can turn up with a google search. As I was looking for something more to write about latkes, I came across this link. It turns out that there is a debate held every year in various American academic settings on various aspects of the latke versus the hamentashen.

Started in 1946 at the University of Chicago Hillel House, it was a way for academics to take pride in their Jewish ethnicity and a way to inject some humor into the stuffy atmosphere of the time. It must have hit a nerve, since the debate has continued until this day….on many campuses. How about a taste?

MIT, 2007. Johns Hopkins, 2006.

I still think that one of the reasons that the Jewish people have survived for so long (in addition to G-d’s help, of course) is our sense of humor.


This Stuff Is Priceless!

A lot will be written about the Wikileaks release of thousands of classified materials. Whatever you think about the issue, though, there is one group of people who are thrilled.

I’m talking about the comedy writers. They must feel like a kid with literally thousands of birthday presents – what do I rip open first?

Our local comedy team, Latma, for instance, won’t have a hard time putting together a skit about Obama’s disastrous meeting with the Saudi king a few years ago, now that we know what really happened there, and how clueless Obama was.

I can just see it – Obama trying to reassure the king that all is well, he is going to make sure that westbankmama doesn’t add on an extension to her house, and the Saudi king foaming at the mouth in frustration, because the President of the United States doesn’t get it that he needs to bomb the crap out of Iran. (“Don’t these stupid Americans KNOW they’re not supposed to really believe we care about the Palestinians….”)

And this is just a taste…

Homeshuling Hosts This Week

The Homeshuling blog hosts Havel-Havalim this week. Next week I will be hosting, so don’t forget to send in your submissions to westbankmama at fastmail dot fm.

Notable link for today – Muqata has a video on the dramatic UN vote on November 29, 1947.

Whether You Love Her or Hate Her…

Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit that Sarah Palin knows how to fight back. I’d love to see her in the White House, although many are now saying that she doesn’t have a chance. The prevailing logic is that because of the relentless media bashing, too many people think she is dumb, and the independent voters will never go for her.

Personally I see their point – although there is a lot of time between now and the next election. If independent voters have to decide between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, I think Sarah has a much better chance than it looks now. Especially if she fights back the way she is known to do. In any case she has my vote….

I Can’t Believe It – Five Years Old and Still Kicking!

Today is my fifth blogiversary! I had completely forgot about it – but I was approached to write something for a journalist (still haven’t decided whether to do it or not), and I decided to look at some of my old stuff. It then dawned on me that my blogiversary was coming up, so I checked the date of my first post. Sure enough, November 22, 2005 was my debut – at my old blog address at westbankblog. (For those of you who are new here, I changed to wordpress and changed my blog name to westbankmama, since that is how people were searching for me on Google).

I have to admit that my best writing was at the beginning, but I like to think that I still have some important things to say. Other bloggers who have been at it for a long time will recognize the feeling.

Maybe It’s Connected?

We are almost at the end of the month of November – and according to the Hebrew date Chanukah is next week – but we haven’t had any rain here in Israel yet. The farmers are beginning to despair, and even people who do not depend on water for their livelihood feel the lack.

Orthodox Jews (and even the secular ones, here in Israel) know that rainfall is dependent on G-d’s will. All of the technical tricks don’t really work – and we can do very little except pray and look to the sky anxiously.

I can’t help but feel that G-d is angry at us.

Looking at some of the headlines – I don’t have to wonder why. Faking ID cards in order to cheat the government and sexual abuse by members of the police department are just two examples.

On the other hand I know of many truly righteous people – right in my own backyard. I guess we just need to pray a bit harder….

Havel-Havalim Is Up

This week’s edition of Havel-Havalim is up at To Kiss A Mezuzah (I love interesting blog names!). I’m hosting in two weeks, during Chanukah. Don’t forget to send in your posts!

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