If You Are Looking for a Zimmer…

We just came back from three days up north – mainly in the Golan. Every year we combine the tried and true and new things, and we tried a new place to stay also.

When our budget was slim, we tried camping on the Kinar beach. The kids had a great time – I hated it. It was hot and humid and very noisy, and I vowed that I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. The next few years we stayed at the Beit Sefer Sadeh (field school) in Katzrin. The place was simple but clean, and in addition to a bed, shower, and air conditioning, there was breakfast too. Two disadvantages – it is a bit cramped as your kids get bigger (and have more stuff!) and there is nothing for them to do in the evening.

This year, as our budget expanded a bit, we decided to try a zimmer (loosely translated as a bungalow). We stayed in the religious moshav Avnei Eitan in a zimmer called “Eden Mikedem” owned by Sara Avraham. Separate bedroom for the parents, a loft for the kids, a jacuzzi (my teenagers loved it) and two plasma tv’s (since we don’t have a tv at home my kids loved this even more).

The only disadvantage is that breakfast does not come with it – although you can order this separately (we did – delicious but expensive).

We did the usual rafting, swimming in the Kinneret (better than last year but still very depleted – we need to keep praying for more rain), and a tiyul (we went to Ein Tina this time).

After one day back at work I am already looking forward to next year…


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