Not Another Boring Press Release

The GPO (Government Press Office) released a very interesing press release regarding Gaza recently. No, not another boring missive about how the Israelis send humanitarian relief to Gaza (although it does).

This time it was a friendly suggestion about an upscale restaurant in Gaza that may be of interest to the press covering the area. Another suggestion was the use of the Olympic size swimming pool recently opened.

In my neck of the woods (in the eastern part of Samaria) they have recently opened a blocked road from the Arab village nearby – so we see more cars with white and green license plates lately (Israelis, including Arab Israelis, have yellow license plates on their cars). Some are broken down jalopies, but quite a lot of the cars we see nowadays are expensive cars (Audis and Mazda 6’s, etc.). Don’t get me wrong – I think it is wonderful that the local Arabs can afford nice cars. I personally think that the more the local population has to lose, the more cautious they will be when deciding about starting riots.

In addition, the supermarket chain Big Zol plans to open 15 new branches in Arab towns in the next few years, hoping to attract both the average consumer and the emerging Arab yuppies.

I just wish that the media would cover this aspect of the Israeli Arab conflict, and acknowledge that just as there are rich and poor Jews, there are rich and poor Arabs.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JJoe
    May 27, 2010 @ 14:27:08

    So, basically, you wish that the media would not be antisemitic? How cute!

  2. Shimshonit
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 08:29:45

    I’ve been thinking some of the same thoughts lately. Arabs in Judea also run the gamut of transport, from donkeys (which Jews don’t have) to Mercedes Benzes. (I pointed out a couple of kids on a donkey-drawn cart on the side of the road yesterday and my children asked how I knew the kids were Arab. Because the only other people who travel like that are Amish!) And a new Rami Levi at Tzomet HaGush is scheduled to open next week. Salaam Fayyad, the architect of Arab economic renewal in Judea and Samaria, has “forbidden” Arabs to shop there. Time will tell if this is just another shrill pronouncement from Arab leadership that goes unheeded…

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