Planning for All Hell to Break Loose

This week there is a special drill taking place, where the police, the IDF, and the municipalities are going through a dry run for all hell breaking loose.

Circa 2010 in Israel this means rockets falling in major cities throughout the whole country, some with chemical warheads.

Wednesday at 11:00 am there will be sirens throughout the country, and everyone needs to go to the local bomb shelter (or the safe room in their house). I asked the other woman where I work where the shelter was, and it is just down the stairs from us, although I am not sure it is really equipped for all of the people who work in our area. I guess I will see then….

Much is being made about the publicity of this drill. On the one hand, Netanyahu is officially saying that this is just a drill and is not meant to be taken as an agressive posture. On the other hand, just last week he was photographed with the Chief of Staff in the north viewing a war drill. It is clear that a message is being sent – perhaps as an attempt at prevention. Showing that you are strong and prepared will sometimes discourage an enemy from attacking (although the Arabs have been somewhat tone deaf to this message in the past).

In any case, there have been sales lately on bottled water (the summer vacation season is upon us) so we stocked up. I’ve been taking a look at the food stores we have and we are ok – in case we need to go for awhile without getting groceries. The only thing missing are batteries for the flashlights and some UHT milk (that doesn’t need refrigeration). I plan on getting some in our next big grocery shopping. Hopefully these things will just sit and gather dust, but you never know…


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  1. rickismom
    May 24, 2010 @ 22:20:45

    opps, I discarded our OLD emergency supplies before Passover, and forgot to resupply after the holiday. Methinks I have some shopping to do…..

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