Music and Politics Together

The Israeli political scene goes through ups and downs – some periods are relatively mellow (like now) and some times are extremely stormy (like the mid-90’s, with Oslo, etc.). Of course, when you have a country full of Jews, they make their political views known. One way to express yourself has been the bumper sticker – and Israelis use this tool to its full capacity. (My sons’ room door is filled with bumper stickers, just from the time of the disengagement onward).

The following music video was made with the lyrics comprising the text of bumper stickers. Not all of them are political (the refrain “kama roa efshar l’vloa” “how much wickedness can you swallow” is a reference to force-feeding geese, for example), but a good number are.  (Be aware that one of the ladies represented in the video is not dressed modestly – for those of who are sensitive to this)

Update: Please note that whoever did the translation (subtitles) is not someone who lives in Israel, and there are some glaring mistakes. At the 47 second mark, the bumper sticker “Yesha zeh kahn” means “Yesha is here” – Yehuda, Shomron and Aza is “here” meaning close. The translation says “Jesus is here”! Obviously this is a mistake!!!


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  1. limewire
    Apr 30, 2010 @ 07:53:38

    lmao sweet info bro.

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