The Closest Thing to Direct Representation

I have written before about the electoral system here in Israel, and how the government is not a direct representative system as it is in America. In short, when you vote in national elections, you vote for a party and not directly for the Prime Minister or a Knesset Member. Each political party has a different way of choosing its party list (the people who will ultimately be the Knesset Members).

The Likud has a primary system to choose the Knesset list. Although there are some “saved seats” peppered throughout the list, most of the Knesset Members are chosen by those who have officially joined the Likud party.

I have had discussions with others about the advantages and disadvantages of voting for the small religious parties versus the Likud – but for now my point is this: Right now Bibi and others in the Likud are looking at the numbers of people joining the ranks (people need to join now as there is a waiting period before a new member can vote for the party list). They are tallying up those who are joining through “national religious channels”, and they are looking at the demographics of those who are joining individually, in order to do what politicians do best – test which way the wind is blowing. In a few months the government will need to lift the building freeze – or give in to American pressure and continue it. If the politicians see a huge influx of new Likud members from Yehuda and Shomron, or from those who define themselves as “national religious” it will influence this decision!

Even if you don’t plan on voting for the Likud in the national elections (although I believe you should), joining the Likud now, and voting later for the party list, will have a positive influence.

Dan Ilouz (who has just opened his new website) adds his “two shekels” here.

If you would like to join the Likud and be “identified” with the national religious camp, go this website and follow the directions (either filling out the form online or downloading the PDF and sending to their address).

If you are independent minded, and would like to join individually, you can download the PDF form here and just send it directly to the Likud’s address: 38 King George St., Tel-Aviv 63298


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