A Not So Trivial Pursuit

One of the highlights of Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel Independence Day) is the Chidon HaTanach HaOlami, the International Bible Contest (for high school kids). This is broadcast on television and radio, and received even more attention than usual this year as the Prime Minister’s son, Avner Netanyahu, was one of the contestants (he came in third place).

The contestants have won local, regional, and national contests over the year in order to compete in Israel. The contestants need to learn the Tanach backwards and forwards, and some have literally studied for this contest for years.

I have just heard that the Education Ministry will be renewing the Chidon HaTanach for adults. Those interested in competing are asked to register by calling *3404 or going to this link http://cms.education.gov.il/educationcms/units/tnh/harshama/contactus.htm

The prize for the winner of the high school test is a scholarship for higher education. I wonder if the adult contest has a prize? (Not that I could ever dream of competing, of course, I don’t have the memory skills…)


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