Turning From Green to Gold

Passover is the holiday of matzot, but it is also marks the end of spring/beginning of summer here in Israel. Thank G-d we had a lot of rain this winter (although we still need to conserve water, of course!) and the surrounding hills by me are green. The hot weather is coming, though, and just the few hot days we have had so far has started to turn the vegetation gold. Pretty soon all of the kalaniot (wild anemones) will disappear, and the hills will dry up – except for the olive trees.

Now is pollen season, and I have had one or two nights where I’ve woken up with a wheeze in my chest, my nose running and my throat and eyes itching. Now is also the time when the snakes wake up and go out in search of food.

And, of course, after Pesach is the time that little boys show extraordinary strength and determination to find the most wood for the bonfire that they will light on Lag B’Omer (in a little less than a month from now). I’ve seen little kids dragging tree limbs five times their size (I guess they have taken a lesson or two from the ants).

The “bigger boys” are starting to think about the first official bar-b-que of the season, which happens on Yom HaAtzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) – two weeks from now.


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