I’m A Woman Driver, and Proud of It!

There have been a few absolutely horrific car crashes here in Israel lately, where parents and children both have been killed. In general, Israeli drivers (or more accurately, Israeli male drivers) are known for their reckless driving.

Now it is official. According to this article in the Jerusalem Post, it turns out that Israeli women are only responsible for 16% of car crashes, although they make up 50% of the drivers.

I see this in my own family. My kids love to drive with westbankpapa, but they complain bitterly that I drive too slowly. I once passed a truck with them in the car, and they asked me “Ima, did you learn how to do that from Abba?” I could not tell if they were being sarcastic or not!

I always say to them, when they get impatient when I don’t pass a slower driver ahead of me (until it is completely safe to do so, of course) that it is better to get there a few minutes later than not to get there at all.

Granted, westbankpapa can park the car really well. (I guess it was all that practice parallel parking in New York – especially when were dating). My kids laugh at me because I choose the parking space as far away from other cars as possible – and I sweat a bit if I must park between two cars, especially if there is not a lot of room to maneuver.

But I am a safe driver – and I see that my Israeli sisters are too. I think the men have a lot to learn from us.


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  1. Risa
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 15:15:02

    Let’s hear it for “us” on International Women’s Day!

  2. jjoe
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 16:50:18

    Actually, most accidents are caused by male drivers that were driven to abstraction by the irritatingly, completely out of step, slow moving car with the female at the helm, who is straddling the thin line between being cautious and not knowing how to drive a car competently.

    In short, most Israelis simply do not know how to drive a car, never mind their gender. I have no idea how so many Israelis get their licenses each year – its almost like granting people a license to kill.

  3. balshonut
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 20:21:33

    I know it’s not deliberate, but the article didn’t say that women were responsible for 16% of “car crashes:” it said that women were responsible for 16% of “severe and deadly accidents,” but 25% of car accidents in general. That’s quite a difference. Moreover, these statistics don’t really provide an accurate representation. The article states that women make up “50% of the driving population,” so I assume that that means that women constitute 50% of the population of a driving age, but the statistical abstract from the Central Bureau of Statistics reveals that in 2007, there were 1,925,408 men licensed to drive, but only 1,346,794 women licensed to drive. This means that men constituted 58.8% of those licensed to drive, while women constituted only 41.1% of those licensed. However, even this is an inaccurate description. Unfortunately the CBS is lacking any significant data on this, but it would be statistically important to consider whether there is a disaparity in the number of km driven by both genders, or the amount of time spent driving. If men drive significantly further or longer than women, then the fact that men get into more accidents is just a by-product of the fact that men simply drive more.

    I think that the article provides a weak statistical backing to their claim that women are “better drivers” and uses a flimsy explanation to prove it.

    In my experience, women tend to be better drivers when they are younger (or perhaps men are worse?), but fully-grown men tend to be better drivers than fully-grown women. (In my opinion, not getting into accidents when you’re going 10 mph does not make you a better driver. In fact, going slowly endangers everyone else on the road. That is why you are supposed to travel at the speed of traffic on the highway, and not at the speed limit.) I have no statistical data to back myself up, but then again, neither does the article, so I think my opinion is just as valid.

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