A “Crisis” Passed

I don’t know about you, but I can take or leave the computer and/or internet. Yes, I enjoy blogging and reading other’s blogs, and I like to check my email once in a while, etc. I am far from addicted though.

A very annoying thing that has happened lately is that the yishuv has turned to its email list as the main system of communication. In the past notices were put up near the makolet (local grocery store) and near the synagogue when there was a community wide activity coming up. Individual notices were put in our mailboxes as the date approached and if something was urgent, than the email would be used. Now, the email list has taken precedence, and the phone calls have stopped altogether.

This would be fine – if everyone was connected to the internet, and if everyone checked their email on a regular basis. Since we live in a religious yishuv, there are families that don’t have internet (notices are sometimes sent on the email list with a polite request to tell your neighbors who are not connected!). There are others, like us, who do not check their personal email more than once every few days (Believe it or not, I don’t check it from work. I have this silly idea that it is inappropriate).

I think things are getting a bit out of hand too. Last evening our phones went out (technical difficulties because of the heavy rain). This meant that there was no internet connection of course. The phones were out again this morning. I decided to check the yishuv email from work (an exception) so that I could see what was being done about it. There were many complaints from yishuv members about the lack of internet connection, and how we should blast the phone company so that they would fix it faster. Noone mentioned what I thought was the obvious thing – that a lack of phone service was a safety issue, especially where we live. (Yes, I know most people have cell phones – but not everyone does, and not everyone keeps them on 24/7).

The phone service was fixed (about 24 hours after it went out). Those addicted can breathe easier. (And for the record, after I post this I am going off – I have a great Lee Child book waiting for me, not to mention the laundry and supper to make…)


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