Is There A Doctor in the House?

Our yishuv is losing its pediatrician – an absolutely wonderful doctor that has been here almost as long as we have. Her husband received a promotion and they are moving to Eilat (not exactly commuting distance!)

If anyone knows of a pediatrician that is not afraid to travel in the Shomron, please have him/her contact me at my blog email – westbankmama at fastmail dot fm.

The duties include serving three yishuvim, Beit Aryeh, Peduel and Neve Tzuf (also known as Halamish). Beit Aryeh is a fifteen minute drive from Modiin or Petach Tikvah. The doctor can park the car in Beit Aryeh, and when he needs to go to the other two yishuvim there will be a bulletproof van and driver to transport him (this is the procedure that has been in place since the problems started in 2000 – although they are largely unneccessary now. After all, when someone from our yishuv needs to take his sick kid to Beit Aryeh he just gets in his “regular” car and drives with the kid in the backseat – no bulletproof anything).

Spread the word.


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  1. Leah Arias
    Jan 25, 2010 @ 14:32:03

    My name is Leah Arias. I have great idea…I am trying to create a cookbook that will not only be filled with delicious recipes but also bring about an understanding of exactly what Israel really is and how precious our yishuvim are in Yehuda Shomron.
    The goal is to get recipes from women throughout the yishuvim… We will have a write up and a photo of each yishuv along with a thought or something about the day to day life of the women behind the recipe. The book will be filled with wholesome tasty food, powerful photos, and the information will shed some light on what is really going on these places and the reality within these homes.
    Please contact me if you want to take part in this project. Send a recipe, along with the name of the yishuv you are from and a little bit about yourself.
    My email is

    Thank you so much!


    Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think may be interested… (read less)

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