Burnt Out Or Just Taking A Break?

We moved to Israel in 1991, and to our yishuv in the Shomron (Samaria) in October of 1992. Not long after that the whole Oslo peace process disaster started, and so did my “career” as a protester. I went to so many demonstrations in the last 17 years that I can’t possibly remember them all, but I do remember almost getting run down by a horse once, (this was WAY before Amona) and pushing my second son in the stroller to another (after we had three kids we decided that one parent would be at home with the kids and one parent would go to protest. That parent was usually me, since I felt the need to DO something). I remember camping out at the rose garden in Jerusalem and being called a “propeller” by Yitzchak Rabin (this is an Israeli expression which means you can do whatever you want but it is useless, you will just go around in circles. This is how our politicians treat their constituency). I remember going through the darkened roads to protest near Schem (Nablus) after Rosh Hashana in 2000 when the Arabs started what was afterwards called the Second Intifada. Our car came through unscathed but another one from our yishuv was pelted by rocks, and a few men were injured.

Of course the longest run of demonstrations concerned the disengagement expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif, including three days in Kfar Maimon. The only type of protest that I did not take part in were those where demonstrators blocked roads – although I thought very seriously of doing it too.  In the end I decided that my children needed their mother, and I couldn’t take a chance of landing in jail.

After spending the whole day of the expulsion crying (those who know me will know that I don’t cry that easily, but once I get started it is hard for me to stop!) I decided that I would put my energies into helping the people from Gush Katif, but that I was finished with protests.

Now there is a demonstration planned for tomorrow evening. Westbankpapa keeps trying to convince me to go. His reasons are sound. Intellectually I know that it is important to make an effort now so that this freeze really does stop in 10 months. I know that the politicians (both Israeli and American) need to see that those of us living in Yehuda and the Shomron (Judea and Samaria) will not “go easily”, and that further expulsions will be much too costly to even think about. The only way to do that is to make a big noise now, even when ostensibly it is “just” about stopping building for a short time.

So my brain knows it is important – but my heart is just not in it. We’ll see which part of me wins out.


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  1. aliyah06
    Dec 12, 2009 @ 22:30:38

    Nu? Did you go? I read about it the next day, drove past it on the way to ulpan. It seems like if you wanted to take a break, there were plenty of supporters to take your place!

  2. westbankmama
    Dec 13, 2009 @ 05:36:43

    aliyah – My son called from his yeshiva in Jerusalem to ask permission to go. I gave it to him and gave in to my “laziness”, figuring he would be there for me.

  3. radio bemba
    Dec 20, 2009 @ 19:28:38

    Protest or not, the International law is clear: Israeli settlements are illegal! Period. The whole world including the U.S. are telling israel that. What else do you need to realize it?

  4. Trumpeldor
    Dec 21, 2009 @ 08:06:02

    “Protest or not, the International law is clear: Israeli settlements are illegal! Period. The whole world including the U.S. are telling israel that. What else do you need to realize it?”

    Comment by radio bemba — December 20, 2009 @ 7:28 pm

    I love it when ignorants leftists use the “international law”dogma

    1920 San Remo International Conference awarded whole Mandate sovereignty to the Jewish People
    These clauses are still valid and binding today .
    Eve 242 UN resolution calls for defensible borders for Israel

  5. Trumpeldor
    Dec 21, 2009 @ 08:11:47

    The Truth is Israel has every rights to be in Judea and Samaria but sadly,each government fails to affirm these legally recognized historical rights on these 5000 sq km out of demographical phobia which does not exist.

  6. radio bemba
    Dec 21, 2009 @ 13:39:03

    I don’t know what “ignorants leftists” are you talkin about Trumpy, but let me tell you some facts:

    -The Fourth Geneva convention explicitly prohibits colonizing occupied territories. Article 49 prohibits any and all population transfers from the occupying power to occupied territory. In 2004, the International Court of Justice (!!!) unanimously found that Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory breached Article 49. Even Theodor Meron, ex legal advisor to Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs admited that.

    -Israel has never claimed legal title to all of the territory of the former British Mandate of Palestine. In 1950, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled, “The territory of the state of Israel does not coincide with all the territory under the former mandate.”

    -Occupied territory is not under the sovereignty of the occupant. An occupant’s powers are circumscribed by international law, which unequivocally prohibits the settlement of part of its population.

    Take that!

    The world have a duty to ensure that Israel’s illegal policy of creating settlements in occupied Palestinian territory ceases without further delay!

  7. Trumpeldor
    Dec 21, 2009 @ 18:17:58

    There is nothing illegitimate about Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria.
    The right of Jews to settle in the Land of Israel, and not only on one side of the Green Line, is not only based on the Bible and the history of the Jewish people, but has received international recognition in the League of Nations mandate for Palestine and U.S. approval in the Anglo-American Convention of 1924. This international recognition and the subsequent American approval have never been revoked. Insistence that certain areas in the Land of Israel be closed to Jews stands in opposition to these rights and the accepted values common to all Western societies.” (Moshe Arens, “Great expectations and pious hopes” June 2009) . As to facts and authenticity : http://israelagainstterror.blogspot.com/2009/08/review-of-lords-of-land-war-over.html

  8. Trumpeldor
    Dec 23, 2009 @ 17:44:37

    In — of all places — the excellent online journal of the Law Society of Scotland (September 14 2009), the distinguished Anglo-Canadian jurist, Professor Gerald Adler, considers this very assumption. In a painstaking analysis of Jewish claims stretching back to the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the Treaty of Sèvres of 1920 and the Palestine Mandate of 1922, Professor Adler demonstrates that Jews have a right to “close settlement” on the West Bank, and that this right was in fact specifically preserved, and carried forward on the demise of the League of Nations, through the deliberate wording of article 80 of the founding charter of its successor body, the United Nations organisation.

    In his “technical advice”, Mr Benn is silent on these matters, preferring to dwell instead on the fourth Geneva Convention (1949), which prohibits an occupying power from transferring its own civilian population into occupied territory. But, quite apart from the fact that Israel has done no such thing (no Israeli is compelled to live in Judea or Samaria), Mr Benn needs to understand that the right to which Professor Adler draws attention pertains to Jews, not Israelis.

    This is a right – granted by the League of Nations and guaranteed by the UN at its foundation – with which neither Mr Benn nor Mr Miliband (nor, incidentally, Mr Netanyahu) has the moral or legal authority to interfere.

  9. Frank
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 02:11:40

    Why not settle in Judea and Samaria?

    But at some point you will find yourselves as Palastenian citizens in the State of Palestine.

    There is no problem with that. There are Jewish minorities in many states around the globe.

    Good luck!

  10. Trumpeldor
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 20:11:07

    From Frank
    “Why not settle in Judea and Samaria?

    But at some point you will find yourselves as Palastenian citizens in the State of Palestine.

    There is no problem with that. There are Jewish minorities in many states around the globe.

    Good luck!’

    Yawn ,when pigs fly .

  11. Frank
    Jan 08, 2010 @ 21:12:58

    @ Trumpeldor

    Not all will stay, of course. A lot of settlers will return to Israel as settlers from Gaza did. They will have a free choice.

    At some time Israeli mainstream society will get much more tired of the settlements and all the problems around them as it is already now.

    Don’t forget: Most Israelis are used to a western way of life, caring about material things, but not about religion, history etc.

    Politicial support will decline – it’s just a matter of time.

    In order to get recognition, final borders, international support, trade etc. Israel will sacrifice lots of settlements. Interests of secular mainstream society wil be inforced in the long run. I promise.

    Look at Europe after WW2, see global trends. It’s all about westernization, economics, spreading of international law etc. Israel is a part of this. And don’t worry, your neighbours will change too. There will raise up a Palastinian middle class, more qualified politicial figures as there are today, more literacy etc.

  12. trumpeldor
    Jan 08, 2010 @ 22:56:28


    You are a bright guy
    We disagree but it does not matter at all
    Israel is not a trivial western country
    It is the result of a unique experience in this world:a small people with very ancient roots back its sacred land because of the promise of our real Master,our Lord of the hosts,our King of the Universe
    Of course,it is not rational !
    After all ,on this time of globalization ,disappearance or blurring of borders and national identity,what are the chances we will survive?
    I will only tell you that survived more than 3500 years of hardships and in comparison,obama,hitzbulla iran look very very pale
    If we were 100 % rational,we would have been swept by the wind of history but we are not and thank to this,we rehabilitated our barren land which ironically,attracted the many wandering beduin tribes from around to our land they claim now to be their own …
    I do not mean to convince you,it will be to no avail.
    Balance of power is changing in Israel too
    The old leftist political establishment who put the country back on the world map and so many great fighters,writers ,politicians is moribund and dying like all old western European countries.
    This establishmentis being replaced by new forces,far more powerful,prolific and cunning
    They consider that Judea and Samaria will remain for Jews till the end of Times,adhering to our Thorah teachings and ALL our daily prayers !
    Your idea of peace, recognized borders,is unachievable in the middle east
    Israel rebirth is a huge challenge to the coranic core theology of world domination and enslavement of non muslim peoples
    I do think we will prevail if we Jews remain united
    This is the most serious challenge ahead
    The rest like Iran,arabs, will be taken care of in due time
    I do hope that USA will get soon another Reagan to put this great country back on its tracks
    Israel and USA share so much common values
    Friendly yours,

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