A Giant in Israeli Pop Music

I have been putting up music videos lately of rather recent Jewish musicians. I realized that I haven’t put up one of the giants in Israeli pop music, Yehuda Poliker.

About ten years ago, when westbankpapa was working for a huge hi-tech company (before the hi-tech bubble burst, of course) they treated their employees to a concert of his at Caesaria (not the same one as the video below). I remember saying to an Israeli friend that I didn’t know if we should attend, as I didn’t recognize his name. She looked at me in disbelief, then she told me that even though I didn’t recognize the name I would know 90% of his songs anyway. I took her word for it and I am glad I did. The concert was wonderful.

Here is only one of his many beautiful songs (for those of you learning Hebrew, it is worth your while to look up the words. It makes the song very meaningful).


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  1. neshama
    Nov 23, 2009 @ 22:26:46

    Thank you so much. I heard Yehuda Poliker sing one of his very very famous tunes many years ago, and heard it coming from deep inside the singer. It was very moving, even if I didn’t know all the words. Recently was trying to remember who that singer when searching for some Israeli music. Thank the Al-mighty, you have done it again. First you introduced me to Udi Davidi, who I like very much. And now, you have given me the name I was searching for. Thank you very much. Some of the others you wrote about didn’t do the same for me. But these two do. I hope we meet some day IY”H.

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