They Just Can’t Help Themselves

I’ve written before about Sarah Palin and how astounded that I was at the vitriol of those who don’t like her. So I am taking particular pleasure at seeing how the media types, who love to trash her, are drawn to cash in on her popularity.

Oprah, who refused to interview McCain during the election campaign, now has a “World Exclusive” interview on her tv show, and even was interviewed about the interview (can you spell hype?).

The New York Times couldn’t refrain from mentioning that on one Sunday morning political talk show, the host asked Secretary of State Clinton if she would be interested in sitting down with Sarah Palin for a cup of coffee (referring to a small piece in Palin’s book).

NPR hosts are making snyde remarks about Sarah’s beauty, (has anyone noticed how many really beautiful conservative women there are in the public eye nowadays?)

Nothing succeeds like success, and the fact that her book has broken sales records before even being published is a draw that many can’t resist.


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  1. VotingFemale
    Nov 19, 2009 @ 20:39:31

    The Beauty and Brains of Conservative Women in the public eye these days is no doubt troubling to the harsh looking and acting Liberal Women who though they owned Feminism in this country.

    WRONG!!!! hahahahahahaha


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