Do I Detect A Pattern Here?

My parents raised me with some very good values. One of them was the necessity to be completely honest when it came to money. If my mother or father received too much change from a clerk in the grocery store, they would make sure to return it, since the money did not belong to them.

About six months ago, I went shopping with all three of my boys for clothes. When I got home from the store and I checked the receipt, I noticed that the woman who rang up our purchases had forgotten to charge me for one pair of trousers. I noted down the price, and the next time I went to the same store I told the woman to add it to my bill. Another woman behind me in line said “Kol HaKavod lach” (loosely translated as “honor to you”). I was a bit embarrassed as I didn’t think that it was worth mentioning.

A week or so ago I went shopping again for my boys, (not the same store) and guess what. The woman forgot to ring up a pair of trousers. (I really should check the receipt in the store and not at home later, but I am usually so relieved to be finished shopping that I rush out of there!). I haven’t had a chance to go back there yet, but I have the receipt and the price tag in my wallet so that I can pay them when I do.

A few days ago I checked with our bank and I saw that my office had given me too much salary this month. (They forgot to deduct my portion of the social benefits that I must put in). I told my boss about it the next day, and he said that they would take care of it next month.

Is there a pattern here? There are people who like to look for “signs” in what happens to them. I usually don’t dwell on things like that, but I couldn’t help but notice it this time. I just wish I knew what it meant.


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  1. rickismom
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 01:24:58

    Well, yesterday a cab driver gave me chasnge for a fifty (i had given him a 20). It felt good to give him back what he deserved, but I also felt that “kol haCvod” was out of place…..

  2. Oklahoma
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 03:32:13

    During the time of our parents, values and morals were far more important than they are today in this day and age.

    But for you to have the same thing, (or similar) events, to happen several times over and over again, is quite unusual, and very interesting.

    If it were me that, that happened to, I think I’d be having a one on one with HaShem, and try to get to the bottom of the teaching behind the cycle of the reoccurring events that are presently taking place.

    Nothing is by accident.

    Shalom Out,

  3. Oklahoma
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 04:37:29

    I remember going back to the check out stand before, and giving back some money that should not have been given to me, and seeing other people looking at me like I was crazy for doing that.


  4. neshama
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 23:25:06

    It could merely be poor skills for the tired girl at the register (math is probably not her strong point, but desperately needs the job). Hope she doesn’t get in hot water over this. I think most people are stressed these days and not as careful with alot of things they should be in more calmer days. The news and world climate (politically, that is) if you take it to heart, can be pretty worrisome, and could cause some individuals to ‘space out a little’ in order to cope. Try to notice if this could be where it’s coming from.

    Glad to hear your COLD is gone!

  5. ronny
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 16:59:18

    Do you want to know what it means? It means you are a loyal daughter of Hashem. It means you love your Father. It means that the woman at the register is your dear sister. It means your boss (I’m assuming a guy) is your dear brother.

    It means you believe in Love and Peace. It means that your sisters are so important to you that you will trek down to the store to make sure they get the extra 50$ they probably wouldn’t have noticed.

    And our sister who said “Kol Hakavod Lach”? It means she loves you for it. Because she’s the same way.

    That’s what it means. It may very well mean something else, but that’s the only meaning I will ever care about.

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