Happy Aliyah Anniversary To Us!

In the past I have hosted a roundup of “why I made aliyah” stories to celebrate our aliyah anniversary . This year we are celebrating 18 years – Chai. Although I didn’t have the time to host a “proper” roundup, I have been collecting links to posts that express some of the reasons that we decided to make Israel our home.

The first is a heartfelt post written by A Soldier’s Mother, describing how “complete strangers” go all out to help other people – especially if they are soldiers. Ruti Mizrachi digs up her essay from her Nefesh B’Nefesh application (now I feel lucky that we made aliyah before NBN came into existense!)

And, of course, I have a new “only in Israel” story for my readers. Over Shavuot the yeshiva students in Sderot went home, and since they did not need to put on their tefillin (phylacteries) over the holiday – they left them in the yeshiva. When they came back they were dismayed to find that over 85 pairs of tefillin had been stolen.

They called the police and filed a report, and the policeman in charge, an observant Jew himself, vowed to do his utmost to get them back.

He did, within a matter of hours.

To celebrate the retrieval of the tefillin, the Rosh Yeshiva and the police organized a joint prayer session the next morning.

“Only in Israel” with an ironic twist. Jewish robbers who know the value of tefillin, and Jewish policemen who also know the value of tefillin, and who use their clout and call in favors to get them back.


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  1. rickismom
    Jun 09, 2009 @ 22:29:08

    WOW! Glad they got them back! (Lock them up next time….)

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