Not Exactly A Tornado, But….

Israel is not known for its natural disasters (we have plenty of trouble with the “man-made” ones, thank you very much), and our weather is relatively mild. The one exception is during the transitional months of May and October, when the season changes. Then we are prone to what is called a Sharav (or Chamsin, which I think is Arabic) which refers to the high winds and sand storms coming from the east.

Last night a Sharav came in – but this time with a vengeance. The winds were extremely strong (I heard on the news that they were from 40-80 kilometers an hour). We woke up at night hearing all kinds of banging (even with the windows closed you could hear lots of debris hitting the house.)

When I came home from work today I noticed that two of my neighbors had their solar heaters knocked over, which damaged some of their roof tiles. Most of the leaves on our strawberry plants have blown away, and they look particularly forlorn. Some of my pot plants have disappeared completely (the ones in plastic pots and not ceramic ones are relatively light). And of course the electricity went on and off all day due to the high winds.

Compared to hurricanes and tornados it was pretty mild, but for us it was pretty intense.


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  1. aliyah06
    May 11, 2009 @ 16:47:29

    I’ve never been in a tornado (nor do I want to–I’ve had nightmares about them since seeing The Wizard of Oz as a child) but it did remind me of any number of hurricanes I’ve weathered (pun intended). We’re on the top floor of a seven story building–the wind howled all night long….

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