So NOW You Tell Me!

I had to do a major printing project today at work, in between my other responsibilites. 19 out of the twenty copies of the booklet came out well, and then the printer just stopped. The printer itself seemed to be fine, so I started looking for the reason on my computer.

Now, I am not the most savvy computer person around. I need the directions to be very clear for me to understand them – but if I have enough time I can usually manage. The troubleshooting screens for the printer settings had me check various settings, sending me to other windows. I did everything they asked me to, and after a long shlepp (about 20 minutes worth), the directions finally requested that I do the simplest thing of all.

Turn off the printer, wait 10 seconds and turn it on again.

Worked like a charm – but I was really angry! Whoever wrote the help screen should have put that first!!!

Anyway, thank G-d this was my worst problem today.


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  1. rickismom
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 16:23:05

    Best first aid for printer not working:

    Turn off computer and back on. (But that means you have to be printing something you saved.)

    Take out cord from the back of the printer andf re-insert.

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