What “Exquisite Timing”

Like most people following the news of the war very closely, I heard about the IDF firing at both the UNRWA building and the media building in Gaza City this afternoon. Additional reports were about the IDF hitting a hospital.

Then I heard that the news of these hits came out just as Ban was about to speak with Tzipi Livni, and something started to smell fishy. The timing was just a bit too good for Hamas for it to be coincidental.

I have just heard the latest report from IDF radio, and they say that the IDF is reporting that Hamas terrorists are on the outer edges of the UNRWA building and are firing anti-tank missiles and rpg’s from it.

They also report that Hamas has taken reporters hostage in the media building, and are firing from it.

It is also Thursday afternoon here in the Mid-East, and, like the past few weeks, the Arabs are calling for violent protests tomorrow, in hopes that the street will come to their aid.

Hamas is obviously making a last ditch effort to get the world on its side, in order to pressure the IDF to stop fighting.

I hope the government ignores the bad press and keeps going.

A new poll was just released showing that 82% of the Israeli people are in favor of the current war, and there are more and more calls to insist that we don’t agree to a truce until Gilad Shalit is released. Maybe this will keep this government from caving in.


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