A New Type of Routine

The Gaza War has entered into a new “routine”. The IDF is slowly tightening the noose around Gaza City, finding weapons, finding tunnels, and fighting with the few terrorists who are brave enough to come out of their bunkers. Just today they killed a suicide bomber that was approaching them.

The IAF keeps bombing their targets, especially in the south.

The diplomats are doing their particular dance, although it looks like everyone seems to be taking their time. When they announce that another Israeli representative is going to Egypt on Thursday (now it is Wednesday), you know that this is a form of stalling. Egypt is literally next door, and if the need for a truce was urgent he would be there in five minutes, not “sometime tomorrow”.  Hamas is acting as if they have all the time in the world, making their demands as if they don’t know that the soldiers are approaching. It is obvious to me that they believe that hiding underneath Shifa hospital will save them.

The Israeli people are being very patient, especially since the number of rockets has decreased steadily. School for the 11th and 12th graders has opened in many places in the south (in shelters, of course), and there is talk of opening it for the younger grades too, as things improve.

Those of us saying tehillim and praying for the soldiers are continuing also. This is one routine that should continue indefinitely


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