Hamas Is Losing, Short Term and Long Term

The Jerusalem Post has a good analysis here, that states that Hamas is desperate for a lull in the fighting – which the IDF refuses to give it. The IAF bombs targets continually, the ground troops are cleaning out tunnels and taking prisoners, and there are thousands of reserve soldiers going through a short and intensive “refresher” training and are being readied to be put into action. Most of the Hamas leaders have gone underground and are not communicating with the people (except by a pre-recorded video here and there). Iman Siam, head of Hamas rocket launching operations, has been killed.

This is the short term loss.

The long term loss for them is just as important.  The IDF radio correspondent who specializes in Arab affairs says that Hamas has resorted to hijacking ambulances to use as “protected” taxis, they are forcing the truck drivers coming in with humanitarian aid to pay them a “tax” in order to deliver their goods, and they are forcing civilians not to run away from Gaza City so they can use them as shields.

Just to give you some background, Hamas was elected to rule in the Gaza Strip over Fatah, supposedly because they were deemed less corrupt than Fatah. They had a reputation for being more concerned for the people.

This reputation has been shot to hell, and the Gazans are seeing that Hamas is taking care of themselves first.

This will be important in the long term – whatever the actual ceasefire agreements say.


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