No News Really Is Good News

I have had the radio on in the background since 6:00am this morning, and as of now (1:15 pm) there is no “new” news.

This is an excellent sign – from two perspectives.

One, the military has learned a very important lesson from the Second Lebanon War and has imposed a news blackout on the details of the IDF operation in Gaza. If you look carefully, the little bit of detail that you see on the websites all come from Hamas itself (and take this with a pound of salt, as I write below). This is helping to keep our soldiers safe, as Hamas has access to the radio and internet, and are not getting advance information about where our soldiers are.

Second, on a more practical level, it means that so far (bli ayin hara!) we don’t have a lot of casualties. Blackout or not, as soon as wounded soldiers are brought into Israel to be treated at hospitals, the media must report on it.

G-d willing this will continue.


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