Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Hamas is trying to wage a pyschological war here, and are broadcasting false reports. Don’t believe them – get your news from the internet (take the websites with a grain of salt, better to read the blogs!). Here is what I am hearing from IDF radio:

The ground operation started last evening, a little after Shabbat ended. The IDF had started using their artillery to bomb the north of Gaza in the afternoon, and also sent out a notice to the residents living very close to the Gaza border that they needed to pack a bag with necessities for 48 hours.

The Israeli reporters also “followed orders” and did not report any details without prior permission by the military censor. They only reported on the beginning of the operation after Reuters did. (This is significant, since the media was irresponsible during the Second Lebanon War and they have seemed to learn their lesson. )

This morning, the news is as follows: The IDF is going slowly to their targets in the north part of Gaza, which includes a few refugee camps (when you hear or read the names Beit Lehiya or Beit Chanoun, these are refugee camps, in contrast to Gaza city). The first targets are the places where Hamas is launching the rockets. There was a time where they would launch them and then leave (“portable” launchers), but the IAF, with the help of drones, were attacking them in real time and killing the terrorists launching the rockets. The terrorist  then went, in some cases, to building underground launchers and putting the rockets on timers. I haven’t heard anything specifically, but common sense says that they will be looking for these underground launching sites.

In terms of casualties, the truth is this: we have 30 casualties, two in serious condition and the rest lightly wounded, from an artillery shell that landed near them. Hamas is lying about the number of Israeli casualties, and refuses to report their casualites at all. According to IDF radio, our soldiers have killed 30 terrorists up to now.

They are also broadcasting some nonsense about Abbas coming in to Gaza on a tank. They are really feeling the panic. The European Union has come out with a statement supporting the Israeli operation (WOW!) and now they hear that the UN Security Council will not be meeting until Wednesday, so noone is going to stop the IDF from going after them.

The government has approved the calling up of tens of thousands of additional reserve soldiers, if needed. In the next few days people are going to receive their tzav 8.

(Note: today I am off from work, so I will probably be posting more often than I have in the past).


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