“Mistadrim” – The Israeli Method of Making Do

First, for those who are interested, Jack has another roundup here.

Yesterday I listened to the hour-long radio show on IDF radio (Galei Tzahal Chamesh B’Erev with Yoram Valensky) that sums up the days events, and they had a special story on education. At this point there are 200,000 children in the south that cannot go to school because of the security situation.

The educational ministry has set up a way to teach the kids (at least part time) by having both the students and teachers go online. Each schoolkid gets a special code and a time to go on to a site, and he gets assignments from his teacher. Sometimes the teacher is online also, and can answer questions in real time.

Due to the fact that the cities of Sderot and the small villages near the Gaza border have been under rocket attack for years, the government saw to it that each child received a computer. They haven’t done the same for the students in Ashdod or Beersheva, because the rockets haven’t reached there until now. But at least most of the kids are covered.

I have lived in Israel for more than 17 years, and I alternate between being annoyed at the foibles of the average Israeli and being moved to tears by the generosity of others. The government also receives my contempt sometimes. But this time around, I am filled with admiration.

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