More Reservists Are Being Called Up

There are many, mostly reporters and politicians, who are analyzing to death whether or not a ground operation will happen. They speculate endlessly, and usually according to their own political leanings, all the while putting a spin on the situation to serve their own interests.

The reason why the IDF hasn’t gone in yet, (in my very unprofessional opinion, I admit) is rather simple. Anyone living in Israel can figure it out just by looking out of the window.

We are enjoying a good few days of rainfall here, and this includes the south. These conditions are not ideal for a ground operation, so this is why it has been put off.

Meanwhile the IAF is continuing to bomb its targets, and more reservists are being sent down to the border with Gaza (one of the graphic artists we work with has been sent a Tzav Shmoneh).

Tomorrow it is supposed to be cloudy with only sporadic rain. Friday it will be cloudy, and it is supposed to clear up by Shabbat. Look for movement then.


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  1. Ezzie
    Dec 31, 2008 @ 20:17:36

    That’s one of the most singularly insightful posts of the war. Sometimes people don’t pay attention to what’s obvious.

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