Tzav 8 – Reserve Soldiers Are Being Called Up

IDF radio has announced that reserve soldiers are being called up now, what is known in Israel as Tzav Shmoneh. Already the yishuv email is starting with requests for those traveling to various places to bring “care packages” to soldiers. Not only do we have yishuv members being called up, but many have sons in the “regular” army.

The mothering instinct is kicking in everywhere.

I have just heard on the radio that families in the north, who unfortunately had to be evacuated from their homes during the second Lebanon war, are now giving out invitations to those in the south to come up to them to get away from the rockets.

The invitations are not to friends or acquaintences, they are to complete strangers. Over the radio. (How can you not tear up at this?) The phone number for coordinating this is 052-6767-171.

In addition the Home Front Command has announced that they are officially on an emergency standing. This means a number of things, but one practical step is that the emergency stores of food and other materials are opened and ready to be delivered to the south if needed. It also means that people who have special jobs in these situations are being called to their stations.

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