Nothing To Do But Watch and Pray

The terrorist attacks in India have affected Israelis a lot more than one might anticipate. Not only do people know friends or acquaintances that are there now, but many are thinking of their kids who may go there in the future.

It is a well known “track” in Israel, for young people who have finished their army service to work, save up money, and see the world. The world, in this case, is usually India, Thailand, Australia, and in some cases, the United States. It used to be just for the secular Jews, but more and more Dati Leumi (national religious, those who are Orthodox Jews but serve in the IDF) are following the same path.

In addition, it is a clear “track” in the Chabad Lubavitch world to learn, both in Israel and at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn (where the Lubavitch Rebbe had his home), and then to go on “shlichut” to various places the world over. The Chabadnikim that grow up in Israel usually go to places in the world that the Israelis visit.

So the taking of hostages at the Chabad house in India touches not only the people directly affected today, but those Israeli families that are thinking about the future.

So, as usual here, we are glued to the news, and we are praying. There is nothing else to do.


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  1. Leora
    Nov 28, 2008 @ 11:09:37

    One of my Israeli cousins spent over six months in India, studying (mostly yoga) with his wife. I’m sure they know people there.

    One feels the vulnerability, like where will the terrorists strike next?

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