Lots of Talk, No Action

Today marks the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass. This is the night that the anti-Semitic mobs in Germany burned synagogues, destroyed Jewish businesses, and rounded up Jews to send to concentration camps.

Ynet has a very good article with eyewitness accounts from that time.

Abe Foxman has an opinion piece where he points out that after Kristallnacht the world reacted with a lot of words, but took no concrete action. 

Hatred in its most extreme form, like the Holocaust, evolves over time. The challenge is not to wait to stand up until the final stage when it is too late. The time to stand up is during its evolution, indeed as early as possible. Kristallnacht was the moment when the world had to stand up. It didn’t.

 FDR condemned the violence, but he refused to open immigration to the persecuted Jews.

I sincerely believe that a similar night is just waiting to happen in Europe. The rise of the influence of Islamic fundamentalism in Europe, combined with the worsening economic situation worldwide, is setting the atmosphere again against the Jews. 

This time, thank G-d, we won’t need permission from America to absorb the Jews who want to flee. We will just need to get them back home – to Israel.


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  2. jANNA
    Feb 26, 2009 @ 22:38:28

    Very interesting site.
    I have studied the holocaust and I agree that the
    people of the us and other countries should reacted to the horror of the Holocaust much

    Please visit my blog.

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