“Recovering Democrats” Part 2

Thanks to Erica who pointed out this video clip of another recovering Democrat.  The party must have taken a huge wrong turn when someone on the platform committee decides to jump ship and endorse the Republican candidate.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rickismom
    Sep 21, 2008 @ 12:55:14

    Thanks for putting this up!

  2. Erica
    Sep 21, 2008 @ 13:12:10

    Hi WBM…thanks for posting this…my $0.02: Traditionally, members of the Democratic party were racists (cross burners) and slave owners, and these are not qualities that have made my family Democrats, but rather – having come from shtetlach only a generation or two before – understanding the need for close-knit social responsibility…that is what bound our party together…pooling our resources and taking care of one another.

    In America there is no need for that (so-called) shtetl-mentality. I think it’s important to give to charity, anonymously, but it shouldn’t be the government that doles it out, nor should we, as a people, be reliant upon it…not when every American can achieve the American dream, depending upon how much he or she wants it. It’s a great country, America…we just need to work hard to be able to achieve those dreams, that all of us are capable of achieving.

    Unfortunately, everything falls by the wayside in the face of terrorism and I cannot honestly support a candidate who cares more about the civil rights of terrorists, and engaging in dialogue and diplomacy with them, over dealing with them harshly and eradicating them. The bridge that divides these two issues in terms of importance is as far apart as the bottom of the sea from the Kingdom of Heaven.

    And on that frightening note, I wish you a gut vokh.

  3. Ezzie
    Sep 22, 2008 @ 21:11:29

    Interesting interview.

  4. aliyah06
    Sep 23, 2008 @ 10:11:12

    She’s saying out loud what I and many Recovering Democrats are feeling….

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