A Very Nice Pesach, With One “Ouch” At The End

We all had a very nice Pesach. Every time I make seder I forget to calculate how much time it takes to make all of the extras for the Seder plate (charoset, wash the lettuce for morer, etc.) so I was cooking until the last minute on Friday afternoon, but once the holiday came in I enjoyed myself.

Shabbat afternoon was wonderful – I had time to both rest and read the Haggadah, so I felt prepared for the Seder. The kids participated nicely at the Seder itself.

Chol HaMoed was very nice – although the extremely hot weather forced us to be inside all of Wednesday and Thursday, except for a few hours when westbankpapa took the boys bowling. Luckily we had planned a tiyul for Tuesday, and although it was hot it was still bearable. We went to Mei Kedem, an man-made water tunnel from the Roman period meant to provide water from the mountains to Caeseria. It was the perfect weather to be underground with water up to your knees – and there were nice places around for a picnic afterwards.

The only sad part came at the end. It is cutomary to say Yizkor (the Memorial Prayer) on the last day of the holiday. I have been saying it for my mother (more than 14 years already), but it dawned on me on Friday afternoon that I would have to say it for my father too.


Now I am putting my kitchen back together. It always takes me a long time to find where I put everything! I am still searching for the Brita filters…..


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Batya
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 03:40:18

    We still have all sorts of things not yet put away.

    Does anyone want some matzah?

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