Preparing For the Next War

It is no secret that the IDF will have to launch a major ground operation in Gaza soon. The army has been preparing itself since the end of the Second Lebanon War, and at this point it is a matter of waiting until the weather clears up. Experts say that the rain and cloud cover of winter ruin the ability to use the advantages of aerial photography, so waiting a month or two more before going in is logical.

The politicians are preparing too. The latest statements made by both Ashkenazi and Olmert are putting the idea of the next war on the media agenda.

As far as the average Israeli goes, they don’t need this advance preparation. In an opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post, Evelyn Gordon rightfully points out that the people are 100% for another ground operation, and were 100% for other operations in the past (Operation Defensive Shield, for example). The people only ask that if the IDF is going to go in, let them achieve something. The disapproval of the Second Lebanon War was not because of the casualties, it was because of the incompetence of those running the show.

A bit closure to home, there are preparations going on by us in our yishuv too. Nothing hugely dramatic, but the “Kitat connenut” – the emergency response team, made up of volunteers from the yishuv, are set to take part in a practice drill with the IDF. They do this at least once a year anyway, but this time we have been warned in advance that the residents will be asked to participate too. Practically speaking this means that when we get a signal we have to gather in our protective rooms (mamad), turn off all of the lights in the house, and wait for further instructions. This has not happened before – usually the kitat connenut does its thing, and we are warned not to be frightened if there are sounds of gunshots in the area – but our active participation is not needed.

There was also a call a month or two ago to reservists to change where they serve. There is an option to serve in the area in which you live – and the man in charge of our area wants highly motivated guys to be under his command. I guess he (rightly) assumes that men will put in the extra effort if they are protecting their own families and those of their friends. I am not sure how many guys took this suggestion seriously.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shimshon9
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 13:46:29

    Looks like 2008 will be a faithful year for Israel with the prospects of a large scale operation in Gaza, maybe a war in the north against Hezbollah and Iran that doesn’t wants to stop his nuclear program…

  2. Batya
    Feb 24, 2008 @ 04:46:47

    From everything I’ve read Olmert’s “next war” will be even worse than the first.

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