The “Old Girl” Network

I’m in the thick of Bar Mitzvah planning (and execution!) so I don’t have a lot of time to write, but I wanted to share a bit of wisdom for those in the same position.

Ladies, take advantage of the “old girl network”. I sometimes need to take rides to work (I share the car with westbankpapa), and in the course of meeting various people from the yishuv (mostly women) I have received invaluable tips on how to organize the affair. The information that I have received so far has already saved me both money (“no, no, don’t buy the paper goods at a major store, there is a great place in Rosh HaAyin where you can save hundreds of shekels…”) and time (“you can’t assume that all of the platot (heating trays used on the Sabbath)from the gemach (free loan) will work – you have to test them first”), not to mention aggravation (“call my husband and have him explain to you how the Shabbat clock works in the Moadon – he figured it out so that the lights would go off but not the platot”).

This is in addition to the practical bits of help that are always welcome – rules of thumb about amounts to buy and what to avoid. I even learned some new things about garbage bags, of all things!

All of this practical advice came from what I call the “old girl network”. No offense meant, but the best advice comes from the people who have done this a number of times already.

Too bad the IDF can’t take advantage of this network. I have a feeling that if some of these ladies were in charge last summer our soldiers wouldn’t have gone to war without proper equipment.


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  1. Batya
    Feb 14, 2008 @ 06:15:13

    mazal tov
    I’m sure that if women ran things they would be more efficient. We don’t have wives at home!

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