Israel Will Never “Win” the Media War

Every once in a while someone will write an article about how Israel failed, again, to “win” the propaganda war. This past time it was about how Hamas won the propaganda war regarding the supposed blackouts in Gaza.

Noone really admits the truth – that there is no way that Israel can ever win the propaganda war – because the odds are always stacked against it.

At least Pajamas Media had a piece here explaining why this happens. The mainstream media will always publish something that makes Israel look bad – without even the most basic fact checking. Even when the Palestinians admit that they stage photo shoots, the world yawns, and the journalists are too “busy” to print a retraction.

There are some worthy organizations challenging the anti-Israel media bias – CAMERA comes to mind. They do challenge the media and demand retractions when necessary. But I can’t help thinking that what they do is too late.

You know what – I couldn’t care less about the propaganda war. The only wars Israel has to win are the real ones – on the ground. 


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