Life In Israel

LifeinIsrael, by Rafi G., is a blog about, well, life in Israel. He posts all kinds of interesting things, and I enjoy reading him.

One recent post really caught my eye (and not only because of the pictures). Rafi likes to go on “adventures”, and is not afraid to travel to some unusual places.

This post is about his travels on a bitterly cold night in the Shomron, to what is considered the graves of our ancestor Itamar, son of Aharon HaCohen.

In a crazy way it really is typical of life in Israel. Here is a (somewhat?) Charedi Jew, going with what looks like a lot of other Charedi Jews (and some national religious too) to pray at a gravesite. This gravesite happens to be near an Arab city known to harbor many terrorists. So the gravesite is only open once a year, with the permission of the IDF.

Jewish soldiers make sure the place is safe for other Jews to pray. All are moser nefesh (giving of themselves) in one way or another. Those praying do so both for themselves and for others. The soldiers are protecting them. And another good soul, in typical Jewish fashion, provides food.

What could be more Jewish than hot cholent served on a freezing cold night at a gravesite near Schem (?!?).

Only in Israel. Thanks for the post Rafi.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tnspr569
    Jan 15, 2008 @ 20:33:49

    Rafi G? Chareidi? Nah, it’s too much to try to categorize him. Trust me (sorry to use that phrase), Rafi is one of those who simply fits into the “religious” category.

  2. Rafi G
    Jan 16, 2008 @ 08:12:30

    religious? I don’t even want that category… Just call me a Jew. And if you must be more specific, then say I am someone who tries to be shomer torah u’mitzvos..

    Anyway, thanks for the link and kind words, wbm…

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