Calling All Cat Haters

Ok, ok, I admit it. I REALLY don’t like cats. I have always loved puppies and dogs – how can anyone resist the cuddly things? Whenever I look at a cat, though, I have the feeling that they are thinking to themselves, “Whatcha think you’re looking at, &%@$%&*!” Dogs will show their appreciation and love for you, but cats are too aloof. And really, who can warm up to an animal that relieves itself inside your house?

For the most part I avoid them – but ever since we adopted our new puppy, cats have made themselves unavoidable.

 Our puppy is outside in our yard. His dog bowls for both food and water are outside too. The puppy eats a good portion of the food that we give him right away, but there usually is some left over. This leftover food has proven a lure, though, for the cats.

It seems that they have been jumping over the fence into our yard to steal his food. I heard the puppy growling for the first time – and went out to see a cat eating his food. The darn thing had the nerve to just stare at me, until I screamed at it and it ran away. Now whenever I hear the puppy growling the scene repeats itself. Pretty soon the puppy will be large enough to fight his own battles, but what do I do now?

Any natural remedies for this kind of thing? I obviously do not want to use anything that is toxic to my kids or the dog, but perhaps there is something that cats hate that is safe for others?


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  1. Rafi G
    Oct 22, 2007 @ 16:45:48

    cats hate knives to the throat… supposedly some anti-freeze in a bowl of milk works really well also…

  2. treppenwitz
    Oct 23, 2007 @ 15:02:16

    “Any natural remedies for this kind of thing?”

    Not unless you consider a 9mm remedy, ‘natural’. 🙂

  3. westbankmama
    Oct 24, 2007 @ 15:21:10

    Rafi – spoken like a real schochet

    treppenwitz – spoken like a real, uh, sharpshooter?

  4. bec
    Oct 24, 2007 @ 23:32:18

    a cat once scratched my dog across her nose and she bled and it was really bad since our dog just licked the triple antibiotic off of her nose. i would just get the puppy a crate and crate train him/her inside. of course, this means a lot of walks initially and cleaning up of messes…but at least it’ll keep the cats away and the fleas.

  5. westbankmama
    Oct 25, 2007 @ 13:57:18

    bec – the only way I would agree to have a dog was if it was outside. I finally got to the stage where my kids know how to treat real furniture and I don’t want stuff ruined by the dog! I also like the idea of a guard dog outside. I don’t really think anything will happen, but if I have to have a pet, one that warns us if there are strangers in our yard is an asset!

  6. aliyah06
    Oct 30, 2007 @ 12:41:28

    ahh, guys, you’re breaking my heart….I have a dog and two cats (indoors) and since we’re softies about animals, we are feeding the two permanent “strays” that wandered into our back yard.

    Not that you want to do this BUT if you put out good quality dried cat food on top of something higher than the ground (a table, a box) and feed them regularly, the cats will ignore the dogfood; they won’t have fleas because the vitamins and minerals will help them fight off disease and parasites; they’ll get used to the dog and eventually realize that Fido can’t reach them up on the box/table/whatever and they’ll leave the dog alone….our ‘strays’ are in dynamite shape, ignore our dog and stick to cat food.

    It’s more expensive than a 9mm but also more humane….you also won’t have rats, mice, snakes, lizards and scorpions in your yard….

  7. westbankmama
    Oct 30, 2007 @ 15:31:21

    aliyah06 – boy, what a liberal! You actually want me to feed and make nice to the cats – after they steal my puppy’s food! I think I will let nature take its course. The puppy is growing by leaps and bounds and will be able to take care of himself pretty soon.

  8. Adam Sancileton
    Nov 14, 2007 @ 20:13:54

    What a bunch of fucking backwoods hillbillies. Yes if you leave pet food outside critters will come whether its cats, coyotes, (when on chews up your pup i doubt you’ll chalk it up to “nature taking its course”) raccoons, rats, mice, birds, whatever. This is your fault. Simply exterminating the problem isn’t going to help and is only a temporary solution.

  9. Joe Oesterle
    Jan 12, 2008 @ 23:16:43

    Here’s a cute little cartoon if you really hate cats.


  10. cherev
    Nov 13, 2008 @ 03:58:18

    For “Torah people” the level of discourse here is highly unfortunate. Killing homeless innocent creatures? “Funny” suggestions? Disgusting. Start with Tzar Ba’alei Chayim, then Kavod HaBriyot, then go from there. I’m not a Bambi hugger, btw – given the opportunity, I prefer to kill my own food. (Vegetables excepted.)We have dogs and cats – and some other creatures, from time to time. There are moments we much prefer their company to some humans – as they, for example, harbor no hatred, and generally take no amusement from necessary killing. Addendum: Reflecting back on NCSY, the only substantive difference between most NCSY events and cult proceedures, is that cults are better organized. Oh well…

  11. alana
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 05:50:46

    i’m surprised you haven’t been arrested! i guess you can’t be prosecuted for thoughts alone, right? =) have fun burning in hell.

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