Tzalash l’Tzahal

I decided to add a blog category today called “Tzalash l’Tzahal”. Tzalash is the abbreviation in Hebrew for Ziyun l’shevach, which means “worthy of praise”, or in army parlance, worthy of a medal. Tzahal, of course, is the Hebrew abbreviation for the IDF, the Israel Defense Forces.

Today’s reason for praising the IDF is the fact that they arrested a terrorist today. This one was responsible, in addition to other things, of the terrorist attack where Binyamin Kahane and his wife Talia were killed while driving their van. The army has been going after him for 7 years, since 2000.

This terrorist has been underground for all of this time, and he was wounded once by the IDF, but escaped. What I like the most about this is the fact that the IDF did not give up. Even when our politicians change their direction like weather vanes, once a terrorist is on the “list” he stays there – for years. For all of their bravado, the terrorists know this – and I am sure it takes a toll. (Of course I know that they count on being released from prison in exchange for kidnapped soldiers, etc., but recent history shows that even the left-wing politicians are wary of letting them out too easily).

Now if we could just go into Gaza and get the guys firing off Kassam rockets….


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  1. kahaneloyalist
    May 31, 2007 @ 19:48:49

    Tzahal knew his wherabouts from the time of the assasination, he was hiding in the Muqata. They chose to let him stay there, whatever there reasons are that is the choice they made, and lets not kid ourselves he will be released in the next prisoner exchange. Furthermore it was the Israeli government that armed Shawish yimach shmo vizikhro, as part of the Oslo accords.

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