Sometimes A Guys Gotta Do What A Guys Gotta Do

A traditional part of the Yom HaAtzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) celebrations where I live is the performance during the evening. Instead of lighting torches, listening to speeches, and seeing fireworks, the volunteer thespians in our yishuv put on a play. It usually contains some humor, some drama, and some dance numbers where the children show off their talents.

This year was no different. We enjoyed the play very much (although it was a bit cold and windy on the improvised theater – the outdoor basketball court). One small part turned out to be everyone’s favorite, though.

The first grade boys were doing their little dance number – including some fancy hand motions to go along with the usual hora in a circle, when a “dramatic” thing happened. (At least it was dramatic to the six year old boys) It turns out that a few of the boys noticed a creepy-crawly thing on the stage.

 Now most of the boys kept dancing. For some, it appears, the “show must go on” took precedence, especially when they knew that grandma and grandpa were in the audience, and daddy was filming it all for posterity. But some of the boys obviously thought that “a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do” was more important. Three boys decided to break out of the circle and stomp that intruder into oblivion. Most of us laughed, of course, but what really brought down the house was when one of the three picked up his shoe to show off the results of his stomping to his friend. That certainly was one dead bug.

On a serious note, we could all probably learn something from this incident. Unfortunately for us, we live in a country where too many of our leaders care more about how things look than doing what needs to be done. The photo op is the most important thing – and G-d forbid you should do something to mar the pictures. Sometimes, though, (and especially here in Israel) you have to do things that don’t look good to the outside world, but are necessary just the same. I think we need more people at the top who will break out of the circle and just do what needs to be done.


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  1. Ezzie
    Apr 26, 2007 @ 15:35:21

    That’s a good message (and funny story). 🙂 You can learn another lesson, too – sometimes it’s important to ignore the distractions and keep doing what you’ve set out to do.

  2. tnspr569
    Apr 26, 2007 @ 22:27:00


  3. Erica
    Apr 29, 2007 @ 17:12:41

    Happy Belated Yom Ha’Atzama’ut, to you, yours and all of Israel, and I must say, had I been there to witness the attack on the giant insect, the likelihood would have been very great that I would have fainted and ended up squooooshed and underneath somebody’s shoe as well. I do so detest those things. And am thoroughly UNABLE to bring myself to kill them.

  4. bagelunderthecouch
    Apr 30, 2007 @ 05:33:38

    hahahahahahahahaha, boys will be boys. what did the bug do to piss them off, i wonder?

  5. westbankmama
    May 01, 2007 @ 04:06:43

    Ezzie – still seeing both sides, huh?

    tnspr569 – how are you doing? My house has a new boiler (on the roof now) but my electricity is still not completely ok. When things settle down we will be in touch (I haven’t forgotten!)

    Erica – a Brooklyn girl like you is afraid to squash a bug? I’ve killed scorpions here, and they are seriously dangerous. I once had to kill one in the mikveh (not part of the job description of mikveh lady, but heck, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do) and I didn’t even let on to the women inside that I did it. And I grew up in Upstate New York, not Brooklyn!

    bagel – just existed, I think!

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