There Is A Lot Going On In The Jewish Blogosphere

There is a lot going on in the Jewish blogosphere. First, Rafi of LifeinIsrael has hosted this week’s Havel-Havalim, which is a double edition because of Purim coming out on Sunday this year.

Next, the JIB’s (Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards) are progressing nicely. There are fixed dates and finalized categories. Curious? Go on over to the official blog and catch up.

Baleboosteh is hosting the next Kosher Cooking Carnival, and Batya has taken on the next JPix .

Now my only problem is deciding what to read first!


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  1. Bagelblogger
    Mar 12, 2007 @ 09:46:26

    “Now my only problem is deciding what to read first!”

    Well That’s simple WBM
    First Read Haveil Havalim
    Then Look at Jpix
    Then Cook with KCC
    finally Vote at the JIB’s

    Shalom Aaron
    Visit: Bagelblogger

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