Let’s Talk About Destroying Holy Sites

People who are interested in the Middle East and Israel have no doubt read about the riots by some Muslims because of the construction work done on the ramp leading up to the Mugrabi gate, near the Temple Mount. Despite all of the hysteria and the false claims by the Muslims that the Jews want to destroy the Temple Mount, the construction work is to prevent the collapse of the ramp after it has been weakened by the snows of the past few winters in Jerusalem.(Can you imagine Americans rioting because someone came to fix the cracks in the sidewalk in front of the White House?)

Most people probably haven’t read about the wanton destruction of ancient archeological artifacts (mostly Jewish) on top of the Temple Mount, done by the Muslims. Now you can read about it here. (Those of us who read the right wing newspapers have known about this for quite some time. It has been ignored by the mainstream newspapers, supposedly because it is only of concern to the Orthodox).

I guess it finally made it into Haaretz because it was too hard to ignore, given the headlines about the riots.

 In a related note, there has been a petition signed by 35 Knesset Members asking the army to allow Jewish visits to Joseph’s Tomb, which was destroyed by Muslim mobs in September 2000. (I read it this morning in the Jerusalem Post. For some reason this article has disappeared from their web site.)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. WaysofZion
    Feb 15, 2007 @ 17:27:39

    This all has made me very angry!

  2. seraphya berrin
    Feb 16, 2007 @ 10:21:44

    I have been wondering why this hasn’t been the talking point of all hasbara campaigns!

    But why are we now actively hiding it?

    “Baruch emphasized that the Antiquities Authority has never excavated or permitted any excavations in the area of the Temple Mount, due to its historical value”
    – From the MFA website

  3. westbankmama
    Feb 17, 2007 @ 16:56:36

    waysofzion – it used to make me angry. Unfortunately, we get used to this kind of thing here in Israel.

    Seraphya berrin – the question of what should and should not be used in hasbara is a real can of worms here.

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